Navy and Blaze Have Honeymooned

We are So Excited!

We have been waiting to repeat this paring forever!   This is a repeat breeding because our first litter of Navy and Blaze puppies are impeccable!   They are smart, water loving, fleece coated, intelligent large medium dogs who are drop dead gorgeous too.!  All of our previous Navy/Blaze puppies are various shades of red, caramel and cream.   The proper name for their color is apricot but these puppies were all of the gorgeous colors.  

Navy lives with us and is a true joy!   She never has a bad day and loves to play and wrestle with the other kids and dogs.   She is funny and loves to give kisses.   Navy does not have a mean bone in her body.   You could give her steak and take it away from her and all she is going to do is give you a big sloppy steak smelling kiss!  Navy weighs 44lbs.   

Blaze is so beautiful!   He is a gorgeous red color with a nice easily manageable coat.   He is happy and smart and tall and handsome too.   Blaze loves everyone he meets and is super friendly and smart.   Blaze weighs 40lbs.

Judging from past puppies I am going to say these puppies will weigh 40-50lbs as adults.   We are taking a few more reservations on this litter.  Below Navy and Blaze I will post some picture of their previous puppies so you can see just how beautiful they are!