Could You Be A Future Guardian?

About our program.

Our guardian program was designed so that we may expand our breeding program in a way that keeps our dogs happiest.  Our dogs will never live in kennels or outside.  Australian Labradoodles thrive on being loved members of a family.  They belong right beside their people in a loving home.  We have been blessed with wonderful, loving guardian homes and will have a select few puppies available who will be in need of a guardian home in the future. 

To be considered to be a guardian family you must:

1.  Live within 1 hour of Carlisle, Indiana.

2.  Own, not rent your home. 

3. Have a fenced in yard.  (We may make an exception to this on a case by case basis)

4. Feed only Life's Abundance dog food which will be ordered by you, paid for by you,  and shipped to your home.  

5.  Follow our vaccination protocol. 

6.  Get your dog groomed  every 6-8 weeks to maintain the Australian Labradoodle look.  

7. Complete obedience training and the Canine Good Citizen certification by the time the puppy is 1 year old.  

8.  Monthly photos and updates so that we may keep in touch with how the puppy is maturing.  

9. Making the puppy available for testing and vet visits as we see necessary.  

10.  Love your puppy!  

Our guardian families get to experience the best that Daffodil Hill has to offer.  We only keep back the best puppies who exhibit qualities we want passed on in future litters.  We will pay for all health testing to make sure the puppy is worthy of becoming a breeding dog for us. If for some reason, the puppy does not pass our health testing standards, the puppy will be altered and will remain in your home forever.  If the puppy passes its testing to our standards it will have a few litters of puppies then will retire to a life of luxury in your home.  The dog will live with us during the time she is raising her puppies (approx 6 weeks or less).  When she is finished, she will come back to your home.  

If you are interested in becoming member of the Daffodil Hill family by being a guardian, please let us know! 

kids and puppies, socialized

kids and puppies, socialized