Available Puppies

Below you will find our most precious babies who are still looking for their forever homes.   

Jude/Rooster Babies

The Proud Parents

Australian labradoodles for sale

Jude and Rooster made some gorgeous babies.  These babies will all have fleece non shedding coats.  They will weigh 25-40lbs as adults.

Mary-Solid Caramel Female

non-shedding puppy

  • This girl is a curlie cutie. 

Mark-Caramel Parti Male

non shedding labradoodle

Mark is a sweet boy who is one of the smallest.

Timothy-Caramel and White Male


The biggest puppy in the litter and so cute! 

Esther-Caramel and White Male

australian labradoodle

This little girl is a little shy and so so sweet!  

Hannah-Caramel and White Female

red and white australian labradoodle

This little girl has the cutest zig zag on her face. 

Peter-Caramel Parti Male

puppies for sale

This little guy loves to play.   

Abigail-Caramel Parti Girl

Caramel Parti Girl

This little girl has the cutest mask on her face.  

John-Caramel Parti Male


John is such a sweet boy.