Desert Winds Jude Jingles "Jude"

About Our Jude


Jude is our very first Australian Labradoodle.  She is always on the go and makes sure everything at home is running as it should.  She lets us know when someone is at the door and always keeps an eye on the yard for unwelcome critters.  Jude is very smart and will do anything for a treat.  She has the softest coat and everyone always comments on how cute she is and how human-like her eyes are.  We are looking forward to Jude's upcoming litter in December 2018.  

ALAA Registration #ALAA-055115


Her little eye patch!  She lost it as she grew older. She was such a cute baby!  


She is always happy!  Our groomer says she is always smiling!  

Desert Winds Navy Jean "Navy"

About Our Navy


Navy is an old soul.  She is a quiet dog and you would never know she was around if you didn't see her chewing on her favorite thing, a deer antler.  Navy is laid back and very smart.  We could not love her more!



Our own walking teddy bear! 


She had the cutest heart shaped nose as a puppy. 

Noble Fur Tisley "Tisley"

Our Sweet Mini Girl

Mini Australian Labradoodle

Tisley is our mini girl.  She is a stunning apricot color. She weighs 20 lbs and is a great size for smaller spaces or for families who prefer smaller dogs.  She is so smart and eager to please.  She loves to take car rides and loves any other dog she meets.  We look forward to incorporating her into our program in 2019. 

ALAA registration coming soon


Smart girl


Nothing sweeter than a sleeping puppy!

Daffodil Hill Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline "Patsy"

Sweet little Patsy was too perfect to let go.


Patsy is out of our very first litter here at Daffodil Hill.  We love her so much!  She lives in a wonderful guardian home and is taking obedience classes and excelling just like we knew she would! 

Her guardian daddy tells me she is the happiest puppy he has every seen.  After she passes all of her health testing we are looking forward to Patsy being a future momma for us!  

ALAA registration #  ALAA-071689

Patsy is a chocolate and white parti.


She was the last born out of her litter of 12!

We are super excited for Patsy's future.


We can't wait for Patsy to pass her happy, smart and so cute self onto her puppies.  She is truly a gem and loved by everyone she meets.  

Daffodil Hill Piper Wren "Piper"

Gotta love those caramel cuties!


Piper lives in a wonderful guardian home where there are four young children.  She gets lots of attention and gets to participate in the kiddos while they get home schooled every day.  We are so excited about what Piper will bring  to our program in the future.  Pending excellent health testing Piper will become in mother in late 2019 or early 2020.

ALAA registration # ALAA-071683

That face!


Piper has the perfect teddy bear look.  

Dogs are a girl's best friend.


Piper is loved by everyone she meets. 

Blueberry Cottage Dreams Set Sail "Dreamer"

Dreamer is our standard chocolate girl from the wonderful Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles.


Dreamer is our 55lb chocolate girl.  She is an absolute doll!   

She is steadfast and loving and the most patient big girl.  Dreamer has already passed all of her health testing. and will hopefully be having puppies for us in Spring 2019.  
ALAA Registration # ALAA-043926

Dreamer with her lovely guardian Janene


Dreamer is so loved by her guardian.   Janene says that Dreamer is definitely "her" dog and makes that very well known!   

Isn't she amazing?


We cannot wait for some Dreamer babies. 

Blueberry Cottage Granite "Sully"

Sully is our up and coming boy! He is a beautiful sable color.


Sully is such a cute boy who loves to prance around.  He has such a bounce to his step!  He LOVES to be with people hanging out or playing in the yard with the other dogs!  We can't wait for Sully to be a daddy to some of our puppies.  Sully lives with his very own guardian family in Iowa who adores him! We co-own this sweet boy with Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles and Iowa Meadow Australian Labradoodles. 

So cute!


We can't wait to add some of Sully's sweet babies to our family.  

Soft, silky coat


Granite has the softest,silky coat.  You can't stop running your fingers through it.